Best Sights to Experience Memphis Downtown Skyline

Folks from other locations touring Memphis are always looking for the best place to view the
 Memphis Skyline. You know it’s there, but just where is the most ideal vantage point to take in the beauty of
 downtown Memphis?  Based on my 33 years living in the Memphis area, I have compiled a shortlist of where
 these best locations can be found.

#1  Great River Walk Across the MS River
Up until a few months ago, this was not an option as the Great River Crossing had not been completed.
   Now you can safely enter the walkway and travel half way or totally across the great river and on
 to West Memphis , AR.  There has been nothing but praise from the walkers and bikers choosing to
 make this trip.  Once you make it half way across, stop and take in the beautiful Memphis skyline
as it touches the Mississippi River.  Also the view of the Hernando Desoto Bridge is impressive from
 this vantage point.

#2 Observation Deck of Bass Pro Shops
Once you have stepped off the largest free standing elevator in the U.S., you can quickly see why this
 is such a popular spot to enjoy viewing downtown Memphis and the surrounding area.  For your convenience,
 there is a restaurant/bar also on the observation deck where you can dine and enjoy your favorite beverage
 while looking out on the Memphis skyline.

#3 Top of the Madison Hotel  
Located on busy Madison Ave., this boutique hotel offers simply beautiful views of downtown Memphis
 as well as lovely and scenic vantage points of the Mississippi River and the bridges that cross her.
 In the afternoon and evening, there is a bar open that will certainly have your favorite beverages available.
  I find this to be a great place for peaceful observance of  what Memphis has to offer.

#4 Top of the Peabody Hotel
Why not venture up to the Sky View in the historic Peabody Hotel where the view is impressive and
 depending on the time of day, you might be able to enjoy a cool beverage as you listen to great music.
  Also, this is close to the home of the famous Peabody Ducks that entertain visitors daily in the
 hotel lobby.  The Peabody offers a large area for observing many of sights found in the Bluff City.

#5 Top of the River Inn at Harbor own
If you travel over the tall bridge taking you to Mud Island, turn right and then the next right,
 you are at the beautiful River Inn at Harbor Town.  The top floor observation area offers a wonderful
view of the MS River and is as close to the river as you can be from an observation point of view.
  The river traffic catches your eye as tug boats push huge numbers of barges up and down the river
 right in front of the River Inn.  Also, you can see the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and
 the impressive growth that is underway at this great facility and in the Pinch District.

#6 Metal Museum Grounds
By staying in the far right hand lane going North on I-55, it will take you to the Metal Museum
versus across the bridge into Arkansas. Once on the grounds of the Metal Museum, you can see why this is
a favorlite ofthose seeking a scenic wedding site.  The view is simply beautiful!  The grounds are
locatedx on a high bluff with a great view of downtown Memphis and the MS River.

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18 Jul 2017

By Bill Sumner