Tropical Beauty Delivered To Your Door

Picture your property with beautiful palm trees gently blowing in the breeze...right here in the Mid-South. Owners Paul and Samuel Johnson have the knowledge and skill to create this wonderful scene right here. What's more, they will GUARANTEE the palm trees will grow and thrive in your very on yard. Through their 45 years of experience in the landscaping business, they have developed the know-how to bring in only the hardiest of palm trees and plant them correctly for lasting enjoyment.
At their business headquarters in Marion, AR (just off of I-55), you can see for yourself the tropical plants and trees growing on their property. You can also see the trees, of all sizes, ready to be delivered to your home or place of business. Palm Source is a full service landscaping business that can create just the look you desire for a yard that will be the envy of the neighborhood. If you spend a little time with owners Samuel and Paul Johnson, you get the impression that they have the vision and initiative to get the job done and get it completed to your satisfaction.
We have Years of Experience, the Hardiest of Palm Trees and we Guarantee the Palm Trees will grow and thrive.

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15 Feb 2014

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer