Welcome To Germantown

Welcome to Germantown, one of the most beautiful sections of the entire Memphis area can be found out east in Germantown. The city takes pride in its pristine parks and public areas,and the residences are always maintained in a neat and orderly fashion.  While in Germantown, take a drive through the neat neighborhoods and you get the feeling there is a lot of pride rooted in the folks who call this home. There are attractive shops and restaurants where one can find that special piece or memorable dining experience to make the visit complete. This is a safe and thriving section of the Memphis Metro Area where business owners take care to make you feel welcome and wanted. The heart of Germantown is where Germantown Road crosses Poplar; from here you can go in any direction and find the best shopping areas and restaurants in the region.


Dr. Alexandra Garrett offers a totally new office with all of the latest equipment in the heart of Germantown. You can actually receive a back massage while in the hygienist chair!  Dr. Garrett has many years of dental experience and has staffed her office with a truly professional and friendly support group that you will find a pleasure to visit.  Give us a call today 901-347-3527.

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15 Feb 2014

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer